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2015 IKA Formula Kite World Champs – Day 3

Racers Play Snakes and Ladders in Jury Room Dramas of Tense Finals’ Series  Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria—After a tough day on the water in near perfect conditions at the kite racing worlds in southern Italy the top of the men’s leaderboard was juggled by a flurry of upheld protests in the jury room. Reigning world […] Read More

2015 IKA Formula Kite World Champs – Day 2

Spaniard’s Consistency Proves Telling in Engrossing Kite Racing Battles Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria—Spain’s Florian Trittel finished top of the leaderboard after a solidly high-scoring day on the water at the end of the qualifying series of races which banished his starting error of day one that had put him down the order. Trittel scored three […] Read More

2015 IKA Formula Kite World Champs – Day 1

Leading Kite Course Board Racers Trade Top Spots in Topsy-Turvy Contests Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria—The world’s leading course board riders battled for position in a series of qualifying races that saw the fastest men and women swap the top spots in their respective fleets at the IKA Formula Kite World Championships in southern Italy. But […] Read More

2015 IKA Formula Kite World Championships – Preamble

Top Kite Course Board Riders Go Through Their Paces Ahead Of Race Worlds Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria – The hotly anticipated showdown between the world’s fastest kite course board racers is set to kick-off in southern Italy in light-to-moderate Mediterranean breezes and smooth conditions guaranteed to throw up blistering pace and the closest of contests.  […] Read More

IKA Kitefoil Gold Cup – Finals

Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria—Monegasque Maxime Nocher sealed his victory in the KiteFoil GoldCup in Italy with a virtually unrivaled demonstration of speed, power and flawless technique that left the chasing pack peering at his back in the distance for much of the competition. The reigning Formula kite world champion’s sheer pace and extreme angles sailed […] Read More

IKA Kitefoil Gold Cup – High Octane on Day 3

Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria—The contest for the top spots on day three of the KiteFoil GoldCup saw intriguing tactical battles on the water, with the leading riders trading places in the top fleet’s five races. But Monaco’s Maxime Nocher emerged on top despite a crash near the windward mark on his last race of the […] Read More

IKA Kitefoil Gold Cup – Tricky Conditions on Day 2

Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria—Riders faced a frustrating day on the beach when competition was halted after just three races at the KiteFoil GoldCup in increasingly flukey and unstable winds, only contest to resume in the early evening with another three races. But on day two of the championship — when the wind switched 180 degrees […] Read More

IKA KiteFoil GoldCup Kicks Off in Italy

World’s Leading Kite Foiler’s Limber Up Ahead of Opening Ceremony Hang Loose Beach, Gizzeria, Italy—Many of the globe’s leading kite hydrofoil riders tested out the warm waters of the Mediterranean, warming up ahead of the opening ceremony at the KiteFoil GoldCup to be staged off Hang Loose Beach. The racers ripped across the relatively smooth […] Read More

Looking Ahead – KTA 15/16 Season

The 2015 -2016 KTA Asian competition season is looking dynamic and as healthy as ever.  Packed with a pile of opportunities to get your teeth into, the KTA new season will not only be seeing the launch of its new X-Champs Series, but also a whole range of other events too. As of now these […] Read More

New KTA Cloudstringers Collaboration

Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre and Broadcast Asia in Singapore, is not the sort of place you would normally expect to find the KTA. However, this was a special week and one that will mark a new era for the KTA and kiteboarding in Asia.   Cloudstringers, the new Singapore based digital media platform has […] Read More

Kiteboarding Breaks into 2018 Youth Olympics

First step on the road back into the Olympic Games for kiteboarding has begun. Hopefully the fiasco of the 2016 Games is now behind us and lesson have been learned. Way to go then the youngn’s and lets see you guys setting a strong path for the sport into the full Olympic Games in 2020 […] Read More

Kites to Feature in 2019 World Beach Games

ISAF has confirmed that kiteboarding will be included in the 2019 World Beach Games alongside windsurfing. The World Beach Games are said to become the third biggest sporting event in the world after the Olympic Games and the FIFA Soccer World Cup. Pending final confirmation, the 2019 World Beach Games will be held in Socchi, […] Read More

KTA Event Manager Kite School Merger

As most of you know the KTA team are not actually packed away a the end of each event and stored until the next one. No, they all pretty much work in the industry also, in one way or another. This week KTA’s Event Manager David Chen up the stakes in the Chinese waersports scene […] Read More

Foils, Formula and Virgin

March has been a pretty massive one on the world scene for kiteboarding, marking a very solid start to 2015. Not least of course with the covers finally coming off the much debated and whispered about Virgin take-over of the PKRA.   Dakhla, Morocco – A thrilling Finals Day of the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships […] Read More

Taking a look at MOTO

Competitors shine at 2015 Master of the Ocean Text by Renée Brautigam/DreamBuz Media Beautiful waves, good winds in the afternoon and the amazing Caribbean sun were all present during the four days of intensive competition at the 2015 edition of the Master of the Ocean. Thirteen of the best wave riders from all over the […] Read More

Hadlow takes Red Bull KOTA

Aaron Hadlow is back on top once again as this time the 5 times PKRA World Freestyle Champion takes the Red Bull KOTA title in South Africa. If you want to know the details and results it’s best said by  Rou Chater in his event summary for IKSURF Mag – http://goo.gl/1B8aMU  HISTORY Red Bull King of […] Read More

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