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KTA X-Champs Final Cut

Report by Grace Austin Last time I checked there were months left to go until the KTA clan would be back together again. Then the months became weeks, the weeks turned to days, the days dwindled down to zero and suddenly we found ourselves in yet another new place that felt just like home: Ninh […] Read More

KTA X-Champs Vietnam Halfway

We are halfway through the competition here at the KTA X-Champs in the stunning Ninh Chu Bay, hosted by the Ninh Chu Bay Beach Club. Although the competition itself is only two days old, some of the early arrivals managed to explore the area as well.   The full KTA experience has always been about […] Read More

SUP Racing Confirmed for KTA X-Champs

Ever since the exciting impact of the SUP Racing at Myanmar Surf Rider Cup last year, the KTA has been working towards introducing this cool new watersport into its X-Champ series. Well we are very pleased to announce that this aim is now a full blown reality. SUP racing will now be a feature of […] Read More

KTA and Woo Sports Partnership

The WOO is about to hit Asia in an exciting new partnership between one of the world’s most progressive kite event tour’s and the world’s latest kite technology! The KTA and WOO Sports are pleased to announce that they will be working together for the coming Asian winter monsoon kiteboard season to introduce the WOO […] Read More

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