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Back with freestyle!

I have been working this season of the KTA for nearly 3 months now, and so far it has been race race race. No bad thing, but for myself as a freestyler my attention does start to drift somewhat after 12 races a day, every single day…..

Bintan obviously includes the first round of freestyle for this season, and I could not be happier. Freestyle is perhaps a lot more visual for spectators than racing, and watching these guys do their tricks is very inspiring. A heap of new riders have turned up to do the tour, and quite a few upsets were occurring as the heats progressed.

The single elimination took a bit of a different format due to the rider numbers. So we had a ‘round robin’ style competition. In fact I think in the end this was preferred by most. It enabled every competitor to compete against each other so really sorted out the rankings. It also meant that riders had at least 4 heats rather than the usual 2 if you were not to ride your best.

In the singles it was 2 Euros who infact took the win, Kelly and Jaka both proved their riding was best in the somewhat tricky conditions of KM52, but of course with doubles looming it is still all to play for.

Racers also got involved in the action with 2 formula races and 1 twin tip complete. There were a couple of hairy moments due to the massive swell running and high winds, but our safety teams managed to rescue everyone.

I think a few riders had to perhaps re-evaluate their training locations as they maybe realised they were not the best in the trickier locations. But what is a competition if you can land in only perfect conditions? A rider who can still perform in hard conditions, for me is the best. Perhaps thats why I no longer compete….