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We’re back! Moose Asian TTR Kiteboarding Championships & KTA Freestyle X

It’s been quite a while since the KTA family had a reunion, a year already- isn’t that mad! It might have seemed as though we’d fallen off the face of the Earth, but not to worry- we are back with a bang and you’ll be happy to know we were not lying dormant all this time. We’ve been hard at work preparing what is sure to be the most unforgettable of any of the KTA seasons to date.

What you can look forward to:

We’ve changed our schedule structure a little bit this year so that we can make the most of the entire calendar end to end. With our first event this year in March and the last planned event due in December, it’s going to be a jam packed year for all things KTA- so either pack up your kite bag and get on over here, or settle down on the couch and get ready to tune into our media station which will make you feel like you’ve come along for the ride even if you’re stuck in rainy cold wherever you are.


Media wise we have kicked it up from last year in a big way. As many of you may know, KTA Media has now branched off as an independent team, and let me tell you the media heads have been up to all sorts since you saw their last output ‘Taken by the Wind’ (take a look at our entry video for the Sportel Awards in Monaco, or better yet our first ever snowboarding story). On the back of the success of our first ever full length broadcast piece, we’ve undertaken to do a couple more- so watch this space! Also to look forward to this season will be daily coverage of events, rider interviews, awesome photography, plenty of print updates both online and in the mags, and who knows- you might even be able to catch us doing some live streaming later in the season!


Now let’s get down to business. The crew have officially arrived in Pranburi, the tents are up, the events village is filling up with stalls, and most importantly the wind is blowing. It’s setting up to be everything we need from an opening event. Spirits are high as riders, supporters and friends of the KTA continue to arrive in Thailand, reunited after what feels like far too long apart.


This event has a little bit of an unusual pairing, with the Thai Nationals running on Saturday and Sunday, with the Asian Championships and Freestyle X following from Monday onwards. Taking this into consideration, and also bearing in mind the high turnout usually associated with events in Thailand this is set to be an event with nothing short of a massive riders list.


As for the conditions, over the past few days the wind has been starting between 10.30 and 11 in the morning at about 15/16 knots and continuing to blow stably throughout the duration of the day. Water is relatively calm, sun is shining, sky is clear, and forecast is good. Smiles all round!

So settle in folks, it’s going to be a cracker of a week and nothing short of a monumental opening for the 2017 season. Keep up to date with everything we are doing on our Facebook page, especially if you’re one of those folks back at home, in the office, or in the rain. Not that we want to make you jealous or anything, but, you know… When you’re the KTA it comes with the territory.