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China is all but a distant memory as I sit dripping in sweat in the Philippines…. Okay, maybe not that dramatic but it is definitely hot, and with power on the island of Boracay a little ‘unpredictable’ after the typhoon, the fan in my room sometimes does not quite cut it!

I have been here a week. 2 days were spent in the metropolis of Hong Kong, which actually is an incredible place and somewhere so utterly different to how I had first perceived. Hosted by the Big Cheese Neil meant we had a base and could properly explore. And eat cheese and baked beans; a rarity in Asia!

On to the Philippines. Of course it was only a couple of weeks since the horrific Typhoon all but flattened the country, so we were somewhat apprehensive about what it was going to be like. But in true Filipino spirit there were smiles and waves from every angle as we made the journey to Boracay. Yes there was damage, of course we have all seen the news, but what I don’t think is displayed is the utterly positive mentality within local communities. Everyone helps everyone, no quibbles about who’s responsibility it may be, and no questions asked. I think the whole world needs to take a leaf out of the Filipino way of thinking.

I had spent 5 days here in Boracay last march for the competition then, and my view of the island was kite and party. Pretty much only that. However having spent the last 10 days here my view has been challenged. Yes it is busy with tourists, and yes there is a massive party scene, but once you look past this, which is surprisingly easy, you see how tranquil and peaceful this tiny island really is. And of course the reason we all travel, the wind. Bulabog is the perfect kitesurfing arena for progressing or watching the hotshots do what they do. Daily wind and hot sun are making the next 5 months of my life look very exciting!

My heart and thoughts go out to all those who have been affected by the recent typhoon here in the Philippines #BangonTacloban