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Bintan Rego

Registration day is possibly my favourite day of a competition. Not much actually happens, but it is an entire day spent meeting new riders, sussing out your opponents and generally having a session with friends.

For myself no longer a competitor on the KTA, I use this time to get to know as many people as I can, it makes my job as MC a lot easier!

Today also was the first time many of the riders had seen the event site. This year we have moved 20 minutes up the road to beach named ‘Kilometer 52’. Pretty self explanatory, its the 52nd kilometer of beach, kinda gives you an idea of the type of island we are on!

The conditions of our new site are somewhat challenging, with big kickers and swell, compared to the perfect lagoon of Agro, but I think it will lead to spectacular competition with perhaps a few small crashes thrown in for good measure.

And of course no kiteboarding competition would be complete without an opening ceremony comparable to that of the olympics! I think maybe the entire islands elite were there to witness the beginning of this round.

Meanwhile back at the Agro resort, resident wonder woman Kathrin Borgwardt was on her third and final afternoon with the future of Indonesian kiteboarding. At every event there is the ‘Kite kids’ program, and this time Kathrin had 19 children which all progressed this afternoon to literally flying through the water as they hooked onto full sized LEIs and went for a swift bodydrag.

So for now we eagerly await to see what tomorrow brings. This is the first round of freestyle for this season, and with some new faces I have a feeling things are going to be mixed up a fair bit.