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Bittersweet motivation

The end of anything always contains emotion, be it happy or sad. The end of a competition, and especially the one just gone, is pretty sad. Events are so much fun! Every single one I have been to has included belly aching laughs, incredible situations and above all some outstanding kitesurfing.

Last year the level of kitesurfing rose dramatically on the KTA, and this year it seems the same leap has happened again. And not just in once category. We have seen the level of both race and freestyle shoot through the roof, and perhaps the most impressive of all is the level of the female freestylers.

Now I came onto the KTA exactly one year ago, in the form of a competitor. Unfortunately for me I injured my knee during the competition which swiftly put a stop to any more riding for 6 months. But what happened which was perhaps worse was the loss completely of my motivation for kitesurfing. Wether this was due to fear of being injured again, or just being ‘out of the game’ I will not know. But for the past couple of months I have been kitesurfing more or less, just cos’. My level went backwards and I found I wasn’t even trying to learn new tricks, merely going through the motions until I had had enough time on the water to call it a ‘session’.

But after watching these girls competing at the very event it had all ended for me, really bought me back to why I love kitesurfing. It happens in all board sports, the girls group together to push and encourage each other, and kiting is perhaps most prominent of all. I spent the week chatting tricks, injuries and progression with a group of girls at the same level as me and who aspire to what a year ago were my aspirations also. And actually they still are. For girls, the way to learn and progress is not with the local hot shot at your beach, but with girls who are pushing the way they ride. I watched Estefania land 5 passes in her final with Kelly, and right then my stoke for kiting came back tenfold.

Im never really going to get back into competition properly, I have lost a year of riding and am now working for the very tour I wanted to win. Yes its sad and took me a time to accept, but actually I now get to be involved in the competitions and constantly watch and learn from these girls who are the best motivation I could every have.

I’m sat on my bed aching all over after having been trying new tricks all afternoon, I don’t think I have ever been this motivated.

Thankyou girls x