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Boracay Begins

Rego day again on the KTA, and next to no wind of course keeps things a little more on the chilled side. The groms all went training on their 7meter kites (mega powered) and a few of the racers went for a cruise in the sunny bay. Aside from that, the main highlight really was seeing tiny Atot put his size small vest on and it reach his knees!

Brown Out (a power cut to you and me) put a stop to registration earlier than expected, and what better way to pass the time than all stomping off to spider house for a sunset swim and beer. Things did turn a little ‘KTA’ when on a raft and a sea snake was spotted, so of course everyone was being chucked in the water. Hmmm, such love and care…

Actually, I lie, my highlight was for sure dinner! The opening party was held at Kasbah, which for me has the best food. Delicious hommous and salads made everyone incredibly happy, and the perfect way to begin a week of competition.