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Dangle like a monkey

What a day! Freestyle double elimination complete and 6 races run.

Tonight is the mid week party and I am expecting to see an awful lot of sunburnt and tired faces.

The morning started (much too) early with most arriving for a hearty breakfast at 7am ready for the days action. Once at the beach it was clear that the swell had dropped resulting in much nicer conditions for both freestylers and racers.

The freestyle was to be perfectly honest, mind blowing. Some of the riding we witnessed today in both the mens and women’s was the highest we have ever seen on the KTA. No longer are we seeing everyone with their kite high and dangling like a monkey, we are starting to see the new school low kite powered moves. Of course there are still a few who keep it old school with some dangle passes, but most are now really focussing on the style side of our sport. The girls really put on a cracking show today. The waves were a tad gentler which resulted in all our girls riding at a much higher level than the day before.

We did all witness a couple of the more severe crashes in kitesurfing. Rosanna Jury did an s-bend onto a wave resulting in one of the biggest back edge crashes seen this event. Jaka had a nightmare in his last heat when he crashed with such force it ripped the boot out of his board! Perhaps luckily it was his last heat, but boards are expensive and that was one expensive crash!

And it was not only the freestyle which was exciting, todays racing was actually quite fascinating!

A different shaped course was employed due to the shape of the bay, and after much discussion about rules (much too many rules in racing) we eventually got on and did it. The formula boards started things off for us and of course it was Yo, again, who clinched the win on all 3 races. Nils did assure us he was going to beat Yo today, but instead ended up 3rd. Perhaps next time Nils….

The twin tippers were really going for it with only 1 lap of the shorter course it was fast and furious. Fon made the biggest mistake of the day and went round for a second lap! All in all a great day. But right now it is time for dinner, after a long day I cannot wait to tuck into some rice and chicken, oh yum.