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Day 1, racing again

A day of light wind I may have originally thought of as boring in a competition. And normally it is. Yes I admit I do not find racing that interesting (sorry!) but today, was infact, quite spectacular!

Starting off with over 35 kites in a race made not only for a good race for competitors, but for us on the beach it was so beautiful to see. When you are kitesurfing I think you seem to forget actually how visual the sport is to spectators, and 35 colourful kites criss crossing in the sky was quite a sight.

And yes, that many people in that race meant we had our fair share of tangles! I shouldn’t enjoy this part, but I really do!

More or less a tangle on each race, though these guys have raced enough to know how to now get out of them without even crashing their kite half the time.

But aside from that, the whole day has actually been really enjoyable. Often at competition there can be bitchyness and unfriendly competitiveness, but today there was none. I know for a fact this is not a usual feeling at competition. But KTA, this is the only vibe I have ever got. Well, I’m not an idiot, there is always some, but today honestly, none.