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Elements are everything

We all know we do a wind dependant sport. The elements are literally what we rely on to have fun. But when we do a competition this becomes more apparent than ever!

Starting the day with 15knots (just!) our 2 youngest freestylers hit the water in perhaps one of the most exciting heats. Sure, not the technically best freestyle, but these guys, both aged 12, have improved tremendously in the past 2 months. They are the future not only of kitesurfing in Boracay, but also the KTA. What must be noted is that we do infact run a separate Kite Kids freestyle ‘Jam’, but Mark and Remell decided to up their game and enter their first international competition.

Moving on and it becomes more and more apparent just how at the mercy we are of our surroundings. Aside from kites landing in trees, wind shadows and such, the wind swung about and was up and down all day.

Unfortunately half way through the first round of the mens, the wind dropped too much and we had to change to racing. Super light winds really sorted the riders out, and more and more retirees drifted back to the beach.

Normally in light winds we pack up and head home, or just chill on the beach. But here, actually it has a lot riding on it the weather playing ball! Think no wind can get worse? Well when the rain came, I ran straight back to the office for a quick coffee and wrap up in my jumper! The wind did tease us and come back strong for all of 15 minutes. Enough for everyone to get pumped up for freestyle, but alas, was not to be and the day ended with promise of strong winds tomorrow. Windguru, I hope you’re not lying to us!