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First arrivals in King Bay

The world championships in any sport is always going to be a big deal, and one in China will top them all. Over 18 months of planning had gone into this event, and on arrival it was clear to see. Luckily no major damage from Typhoon Haiyan, and everything is ready to go.

For everyone, a mammoth journey was the only way to get here, myself no different, and 3 days, 2 flights, a train, a taxi and a tuk tuk later we arrived to definitely the grandest hotel I shall ever set foot in! Not quite the ‘Asia’ I have grown to accustomed to, but a cracking way to get over the jet lag and back into the swing of eating rice for every meal.

There were already a fair few riders at the event site, taking advantage of the free board before the contest, and out training everyday. I did try to join in a few practise races, but I think the racers with their specialist equipment maybe didn’t take my twin tip and C-kite very seriously, and went on ahead with out me!