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Freestyle and kids, the perfect mix

Wowzers. What a day. Aside from being incredibly wind burnt, I think this was one of the best days I have seen on the KTA in terms of competition.

Eventually Victor and Mikolay’s freestyle heat was re-run and finished, with Victor advancing through. Of course we had freestyle in Bintan last month, but with over double the riders here the level just shot through the roof! One rider to mention is of course young Christian Tio. He has been a regular on the KTA over the past few years but this has only attended this one event. A year later and the gaining of 10 kilos of weight (he is now 45kilo!!) has made the most dramatic difference to any rider I have ever seen. His first heat against Ken Nacor was an easy pass with Ken not even turning up! Yep, he was too scared he was going to lose! My opinion? Perhaps he would have. Christian threw all his tricks with style and power. The other riders watching on the beach were amazed at this tiny kid riding in front of them.

Moving on through the freestyle and not only the guys, but the women also were giving it their all in the 25knot winds. Being the final round for this season, everyone was going for it. Very exciting to see, and with heaps of spectators on the beach the entire event had a great vibe.

Racing? Of course we did racing, and E V E N T U A L L Y Ken Nacor managed some clear clear wins over Yo in the formula boards. He will really be after strong winds for tomorrow to keep that trend.

And actually it is all to play for tomorrow, all the freestylers left the beach exhausted but ready for tomorrows doubles. I cant wait.