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The Good, the bad, and the ugly

So the week has come to an end.

Most of the competitors have left today, or didn’t show themselves, maybe last nights party would have been to blame?!

Myself personally I have had a great day of swimming in the pool, walking on the beach and eventually I got to go kiting!

So we have 1 new world champion and 1 who kept her title. Florian Gruber, the most deserving world champion, could not take the smile off his face yesterday after he won the final race of the event and knew he was to be crowned the new world champion, at only 19 years old. Erika stayed firmly with her fellow Americans so honestly I could not say what her feelings were, ecstatic I presume!?

The last day was a typically Asian hot beach day with more or less no wind. Ken Nacor did his bit and supplied everyone with Coconuts to drink. Robin Snuggs did what he does best and got towed up to a ridiculous height by a jet ski and a much too long piece of rope with his kite.

The wind did come in enough to run one of the mens platinum races. Very light wind and some very unfortunate obstacles in the water meant that our top riders changed in rankings for this year. But overall, everyone agreed the best man won, and Florian is our new champ.

The standouts for me this week were 3 of our youngest riders, Anastasia and Elena from Russia and Olly Bridge from the UK. All aged 14-16 these 3 showed huge professionalism and sportsmanship throughout and also all ended in the top 10 in the open catagories.

In true KTA style, the closing ceremony also included something to help others. After everyone was awarded their prizes, an auction was held in aid of  The Bright Connection. This is an Orphanage for disabled children on the island of Hainan. Some great prizes, including any Ozone kite of your choice, a Best kite, a Core kite, and heaps. Unfortunately the people representing one country decided that this was not a worthwhile cause and proceeded to set off fireworks and crackers outside and inside the hall when this was going on, taking the attention away from something of much more importance, than they think of themselves. Perhaps angry they lost the title?? But a great evening where we managed to raise over $3000 which will go a long way to helping these kids here in China. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

A great week overall, a very hard and long week, not only for the riders but for all the crew and staff aswell. For now we have a 2 week rest before we kick of the Kiteboard Tour Asia in Phuket, Thailand  on 17th December.