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What happens next

3 days after the biggest kiteboarding event in Asia and you could almost be led to believe it never happened here on Boarcay.

Throughout the week of competition the entire island had the comp vibe about it. Bulabog beach had the least amount of kites flying I have ever seen as hundreds of spectators came down to Aqua to watch the contest.

And now? It is back to busy busy as students and riders career pretty much into each other at every opportunity.  Not sounding like your cup of tea? Actually, its kind of good. Not the crashing, but the post comp vibe here is kite kite kite! Literally all anyone wants to do is kite. Everyone seems to have been inspired and motivated ten fold.

Earlier I saw a guy who must have been 75 trying to jump. Okay he was in a full face helmet, board leash and gloves but he was really going for it. One of the girls here for the season has the past few days doubled her trick count. Me, I’m still crashing on my head, but its from different angles as I try different tricks.

The trend? Everyone was watching the competition.

So many people claim competition is not for them, but actually I think it is. Maybe not the entering, but the event as a whole cannot be seen as something you want no part of. And really, what else could be the catalyst for progression for over 100 riders in the space of a week?