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Hit and run

Day 2 of Round 1 was definitely the most dramatic and successful so far this season (well, it was only day 2 of the season, but it was a cracker!).

We had more or less perfect racing winds all morning of 14-16knots. Considered a strong wind day by the locals here, many were worried about being overpowered!?

Twin Tip racing showed why it has now been accepted as a world ranking event. Our two leaders for the event, Doque and Yo were really battling it out on the course and right now there is only 1 point between them, despite Yo taking it upon himself to ride blind across the finish line on one race!? Lisa was speedy Gonzales, placing high up in the mens, let alone the womens class, despite not even owning her own kit?!

The ‘Formula’ (Race boards to you and I) class did not let things down. Yo, again, showed why he was in the gold fleet in the worlds. Jack and Adrian however were where the racing got interesting (sorry Yo!), these two were really neck and neck. Jack has improved heaps over the past year and is now a real contender.

Now the most exciting of all, a crash!! Maybe not quite so nice as an ambulance did have to be called and someone did get injured, but still, for everyone watching on the beach the sight of 2 kites literally going loopy together is very dramatic. And actually it is a good reminder for everyone of how these fins can be dangerous. Kites are not really the issue in the crashes. If you are good enough to race you know how to fly a kite and get out of trouble. What makes the difference in Formula racing is the fins! These guys every single morning sit sanding their fins to make them as efficient as possible. The plus side, speed. The down side, they will cut you so quickly and dramatically you won’t even know what has happened!

Moving swiftly on…. a lovely afternoon excursion of seeing the Big Buddha, literally a Big Buddha. Then beautiful sunset. Unfortunately I slipped on a rock and cut my foot open, so today am sporting a cut up pink sock to keep it clean. A fashion i am sure will take off in Asia soon.