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KTA Riders Grant Scheme

One of the big reasons that lay behind the KTA being set-up was to give local Asian kiteboarders the chance and an opportunity to be able to compete in international competition within their own region. For some riders from certain countries it has proved a to be an unbeatable task to gain the experience, recognition and sponsors to be able to get out and onto the big world level kiteboard pro-tours, some then have even been stumped by the issues of visa’s if they do get this far. So in the end this has meant that the doubtless talent that is here in Asia is being sidelined by the world fastest growing watersport.

The KTA has in part evolved to provide the local platform and perhaps provide the beginnings to a high level career in the sport. This is even more relevant now, as kiteboarding itself has come of age and this year gained full recognition from the international sailing world, which has led to the foundation of kiteboards own world governing body the IKA and the future potential of Olympic competition.

KTA riders grant creates Champions

KTA riders grant creates Champions

It has however become clear to the KTA in the process of setting up this tour that just having a list of international competitions that can be reached within the Asia region is still not going to be a possibility for a number of local riders. Riders who are perhaps more constricted by finance than others maybe from other countries in the region.

So the KTA has decided it would like to help further and help the competitors that show the potential and the talent to be able to compete in more than just the tour stop that comes to their country location or of course from countries where the KTA may not even be this year.

To make this a reality then the KTA is setting up the Riders Grants, something we think is unique to the kiteboard competition world at least. The KTA itself will be diverting some of its own funds towards helping local riders to go to other countries and tour stops as the tour progresses and we would further like to invited those of you interested in to help support the KTA Riders Grants also.
The Riders Grant is based simply on the basis of funding a flight, which within the Asia region is not that high a cost, around US$250/300 per return. You may also wish to add a bit more and help support the rider accommodation also or in fact offer this if you are a local hotel or guest house owner at one of our tour stop venues.

You can fund a KTA Riders Grant as either business or an individual.

You can fund just a single rider for one flight or of course more if you would like to. In return the KTA will list you or your company if you have sponsored as a business in our KTA Riders Grants supporters page to give you recognition for your help as well as inclusion in our media output.

So if this is something that interests you and you think you can help we would love to hear from you. So please contact us by clicking here