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KTA Vietnam: What to expect at Ninh Chu Bay

This past week has been an alternating battle between mustering the courage to get out from under the duvet and, when I do,  finding enough clothes in my bikini laden wardrobe to keep me from catching hypothermia. This cold snap is definitely more than enough to make me question whether or not the whole leaving Ireland, moving to a tropical island and learning how to kite surf was a very elaborate feat of inception.


Thankfully, the flight reminders pinging into my email account are enough to keep me clinging on to the last morsel of hope that the dream is real. In little under 2 weeks, a hopefully much warmer version of myself will be packing up the gear and hitting round 2 of this year’s KTA season- Vietnam style. To say that I’m excited is a colossal understatement. I’d love to give ye the summary of the past few ‘post-Myanmar’ months, including details of every other thing that has come out of my mouth which has naturally been ‘KTA this’ and ‘KTA that’ (think highly annoying 6 year old who’s been watching way too many TV ads in the run-up to Christmas), but to be honest I can’t afford to lose any more friends from the height of the ranting, so let’s just skip to the good part.

Register there!

Register there!

 Our new adopted home to be for the event week is a spot in the middle of Nha Trang and Mui Ne on the east coast of Vietnam. It’s called Ninh Chu Bay, and word on the street is it’s the new place to be for kiters in SE Asia. Local kite club owner Mark, has been there already for a number of years and has long preached about this place- but the nature of such an off the beaten track location is that  it’s not nearly as heavily documented or visited as its neighbours. Thanks to the new infrastructure connecting the nearest cities, Ninh Chu is far more accessible than it has ever been before. For those of us who have yet to see it, we are super pumped for this event.


Weather and wind wise, it looks like we are in for a very different event to that of Myanmar. We’re talking seriously strong wind in the winter months, evening out nicely by mid-February just in time for the competition. Mark’s club is nestled into a South facing private beach that sticks out into the sea lane, making it the ideal location for almost any rider- from beginners, intermediates, flat water lovers, to those who prefer a rodeo ride out in the sea lane.


This event will be a few shades more diverse than the season opening in Myanmar, with the introduction of the 2016 X-Champs. So we have more disciplines, freestyle, and jumping to look forward to, especially now with the newly confirmed collaborating partners at WOO and Starboard SUP. And speaking of diversifying, I hear whispers about some new female contenders at this event- which I for one am very stoked to hear! The girls who competed in Myanmar were inspirational, so to see that group of riders grow can only be a good thing. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a little fresh meat for the competition… Looking forward to seeing old faces and new at the next family gathering. Bring on KTA Vietnam!