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Malibu Kite Wave Competition Vietnam

Wow what a day we had in Mui Ne last Saturday, at the Source Kiteboarding shack at Malibu Resort. We had sun, we had fun, we had a beach BBQ, we had beach football, trainer kite sessions for kids, crazy SUP races and we were able to run our Kite Slalom event, despite the light wind conditions. A great crowd of riders and friends turned out on the day, local faces and new faces, including a group of kiters visiting from Pure Magic Watersports in Ireland.

The wind was nowhere to be found in the morning so the conditions were perfect for the SUP races, which were pretty competitive! The heats were mixed, with the ladies being well represented at all stages. Catherine Etienne, visiting from Pure Magic Watersports Ireland, claimed 3rd place on the podium, preceded by local riders Win Wilson in 2nd and Joao Virgilio in 1st, in a frenzied paddle final, just as the wind was picking up.

Results SUP

1. Joao Virgilio (Portugal)
2. Win Wilson (Vietnam)
3. Catherine Etienne (France & Ireland)

The wind picked up late in the afternoon, with the conditions just about holding up until sunset, which allowed us to run the Slalom Event. Again, the heats were all mixed, with the competitors ripping it up at all stages. The final was a close one, with 3 ladies and just 1 male representative. In the end the podium was as follows;

1. Aya Oshima(Sri Lanka Kite)
2. Catherine Etienne (Pure Magic Watersports, Ireland)
3. Alexandr Kovalenko (Kite School Leto, Mui Ne)

Unfortunately the Wave Contest had to be postponed for this time around, as the conditions just weren’t favourable enough…but watch this space for an update and when the waves and the wind make an appearance together later in the season, the competition will be on!! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or visit our website for all the latest news from us here at Source Kiteboarding & Lodge.

Check out the video of the day… https://youtu.be/vGlhfMnskOo


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