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Binhai Weifang Invitational 2010

binhai_slideOne of the most memorable invitational events of the year is this one, each year 30 riders from 30 countries are invited VIP style to China to show off there moves, party, eat and be merry…..of course we do also kitesurf!

This year the wind came in strong, holding back only one day of the entire competition.  The first day we went for some racing, all 60 riders hit the water and headed to the start line, only then did we find out the Chinese local organizer had forgotten the Air horn.

The race start obviously was some confusion so the race was abandoned to the next day when they provided some proper starting guns for the race.  The next day was an awesome spectacle when we started off on Freestyle, not normal format of our KTA Tour styops but a mix of old school and wakestyle tricks allowed, the judging was based on overall impression.

We ran heats of 4 riders then 2 riders per heat for the finals. Winner of the Mens freestyle was Eli Zarka (Israel) and for the Ladies Michalina Laskowska (Czech)

Racing was next on the cards and the race was won overall by Joey Pasqual (USA), this time with proper starting guns and flags this time the race ran smoothly and the wind was perfect.


The evening entertainment as usual was unique with a Beauty/Talent contest to decide Miss Weifang 2010, we saw the contestants dance, sing and parade around in Bikinis for the evening, a real nice touch.  We then all communed in the foyer with the a Cedric (South Africa) and his guitar and a box of beer!


The last day was a media day with the President of the region coming to see what the fuss was about, the wind was offshore and strong and some riders took the chance to get out there and show off a little, jumping really close for the spectators to watch.  That evening was the prize giving and awards dinner, now this cannot be explained unless you be there, we had a huge banquet this year again with over 22 courses per table, rice wine and beer, we then had some traditional Chinese singing and again we were taken to the end of the evening with Cedric bringing the event to a close with a sing song.


Next year is already under plans and it looks like we will invite 100 riders next year so keep us sweet and you may get in!  Here are some videos from the riders that went online.