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Boulder Creek & Sports Features

We are very excited to be able to announce this week that the KTA 11/12 Asia Tour and events have been given a further boost on the international media front with new TV partner Boulder Creek International and media corporation Sports Features Communications. This follows hot on the heel s of signing TV distribution agreements for Asia and the US with the Outdoor Channel and MulitChannel Asia last month, so things are looking very healthy indeed for the coming season.

boulder creek tv and media

Boulder Creek International the UK based TV production and distribution house will be complimenting the KTA’s Asian TV media output over on UK and Euro side of the planet. The company has many years of experience within the sports TV industry covering major events as well as niche sports, experience which will be offering the KTA and its riders a further fantastic level of exposure in the coming season. This new output is kicking off right now in fact with Boulder Creek putting out a summary show from the 10/11 Asia Tour which will be broadcasted through  the Sky TV network’s as part of the  ‘Wild Spirits’ programme.  This will then be continued with event by event reports throughout the new season giving the KTA a regular airing on Wild Spirits for 2011-12.


In addition to the new international TV cover the KTA is going to be able to greatly increase its print media output for coming season as well. The Olympic news service Sports Features Communications will be covering KTA event reports throughout 11/12 from the Asia Tour and other KTA events. The KTA’s agreement with Sports Features will see distribution and syndication to over 20,000 press points, giving the Asian kiteboard competition scene a much broader press base both with specialist sports news outputs and mainstream media.

With our new Sports Features media partnership and our continued support from existing specialist print and online partners such as; Action Asia, Kiteworld, Sport2.de and Iksurfmag it is promising to be a solid year for KTA media.

All we need now is the tour hey, so that’s next up on our press releases , things are reaching the point where we finally have something to announce to you all, so watch this space!

Congratulations on the Asian tour! Looking forward to helping you spread the word. Best, Laura