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IKA KiteFoil Gold Cup and KTA TTR Open

It’s an exciting time for the world of kiteboarding right now, as it has become part of the 2018 Youth Olympics (YOG) for the first time and is also potentially about to be included into the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan.

The sport is on the rise in Asia also and as part of this development, it sees international kiteboard racing visit South Korea for the very first time.

As guests of the Korean Windsurfing Kiteboarding Federation (KWKF) the IKA KiteFoil Gold Cup and KTA TTR Open will open their season on the 16-21 May 2017 at Daecheon Beach near Boryeong city on the Yellow Sea.

The world’s top pro-riders will be out in force for the first round of the 2017 IKA Kitefoil Gold Cup and with international and world champions amongst the ranks, the standard will not only be world-class, but also the racing – fast and furious.

If you have not seen kiteboard hydrofoil racing before, then it’s one to not miss. This is kite racing at the highest end of the performance spectrum, with boards and kites that have been designed to allow the riders to race even in the lightest of wins at maximum speed. Kiteboards are now amongst the fastest sailing craft in the world and if the sport makes it into the 2020 Olympics, then the hydrofoil board will be what the Olympic competitors will race on.

The KTA TTR Open will equally also be a hard fought contest as it draws in Asia’s top twin-tip racers to Korea. The KTA and Asia are the leading lights in this race format, which means the world’s top riders mostly come from the region. Chosen as the YOG equipment for 2018 the KTA TTR Open will follow the YOG Olympic race format, which involves an exciting combination of Slalom and Boarder X. So expect to see plenty of ‘thrills and spills” as the riders blast around these compact courses, taking jumps at high speed, on courses designed to bring the racers up close to the shoreline for added spectator enjoyment – it’s time to get up close and personal with the sport of kite racing.

The location for all of this kite action is Daecheon which sits on the west coast of South Korea, in the Chungcheong Province of the country.

Daecheon is a classical seaside town. Designed to cater for travellers and tourists. It is more of a resort outpost than a full blown town, but importantly it is well supplied with hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and norae-bang (karaoke rooms), which are a very popular all over Korea.

The region is famous for its beaches and Daecheon is a popular strip of golden sand that runs some 3.5km long and is around 100 metres wide at low tide. The main hub of activity is at the southern end of the beach near the Civil Tower which does get quite packed with beach goes. The IKA KiteFoil Gold Cup and KTA TTR Open however, will take place just after the big public holiday of Golden Week, ensuring that there will be more than enough space for all the action.

The average water temperature for May run’s between 12 – 18 C and wind wise the event should be seeing cross-onshore winds of between 16 – 21 kts from the south west as we enter the Asian summer monsoon season.

Keep up to date with all the action one the KTA Facebook Page  –  https://www.facebook.com/kiteboardtourasia