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Korea cancels – boracay takes finals!


Unfortunately the sport is about to lose out to the problems of international politics.

We have just received the unfortunate news from our local organiser in Korea that due to the current political tension and threats of war from North Korea it appears that all government public spending has been frozen. This sadly has a direct effect on the KTA final tour stop which was due to take place in Busan in April. The event was due to be hosted by the Busan Kiteboard Association through the local Busan Government Department who were helping to sponsoring the event. With this apparent national government freeze on funding, the local government can no longer proceed with its intended support of the KTA.

Sadly we have no option but to cancel the KTA Final in Korea this year and send our hopes to everyone there that the political situation calms down and that everyone remains safe.

Not all is bad though! This means that the KTA Asian Tour will now need to finish in the Philippines. Boracay 7 Stones and the rest of the organizing crew are stepping up the event to give this year’s KTA tour its finals. On behalf of the all the riders and the KTA team we thank you for giving us this eleventh hour support to make this possible.

The KTA Philippines now takes over the role of crowning the Asian and KTA Champions in Freestyle, Course Race and TT for the 2010-11 Kiteboard tour Asia. The overall championships for this season will all be taking place along with the Boracay event award ceremony on the last day of the event – Saturday 12th March.

So that big end party that Boracay does O so very well is just about to get that little bit bigger!

On behalf of the KTA team we apologise for any hassles or disurptions that this news causes for anyone, while we have been able to plug the gaps when sponsors have let us down at the last minute in the past, the situation in Korea is a little beyond our control and after exhausting all possibilities we have to take back seat to the situation.

This brings us to a slightly premature end to this year’s season for the Asian Kiteboard Tour, keep on watching this space as there are a whole heap of new things planned and on the way for the coming months.