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Even though the final curtain call for the 10/11 KTA Asia Tour was month and half ago now we are pleased to say that the interest in the tour, the riders and Asian kiteboard competition scene in general has not slowed down just yet.

It’s been a great year overall for the sport out here with the Asia tour getting great local press and media interest as it progressed it way from Turkey and China at the back end of 2010, to Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines this year. Each location pulled out a different layer of interest, from daily newspaper reports of the action in Turkey, to state TV in China, lifestyle magazines in Vietnam, an online frenzy in Thailand and live TV interviews in the Philippines. In fact every tour stop was to give us a great range of local media cover one way or another through newspapers, magazines and TV that raised the profile of our sport just that little bit more than it was there before and showed what you lot are all capable of when you are let loose on the water to do your thing – so respect to the lot of ya.

Still it did not stop just at the local level and a big thanks goes to our media partners for their support and output in reporting each round of the KTA. Certainly as well as the competition reports it’s been fantastic to see also feature reports this season that have covered not only the KTA itself but again also the riders that have been involved – nice stories, great photos and worldwide readerships so not bad. Very cool in year two to be appearing regularly in the biggest outdoor sports magazine in the region (Action Asia) the world’s largest printed kite magazine (Kiteworld) and now also the top e-mag out there (Iksurf Mag).

The international interest has indeed grown throughout the 10/11 season with report and event follow-ups appearing in a wide range of different media sources throughout the world – in print, online and through video. However, the most exciting bit of news and the final kick in the tail end of this year’s tour has been the international TV output that is still to come.

So over the next couple of months stay glued to your computer screens and TV sets and look out for the following range of shows and broadcasts that will be featuring the KTA –

sky-sports-logo Sky TV – 30min tour summary report to be broadcast on the Wild Spirits programme in the Europe regions

ourdoor-channel-logo Havoc TV and the Outdoor Channel – which are part of the Mutlichannel Asia media group will be programming each of the tour stop reports for the Asian region and America from the 5 rounds of the 10/11 season, we have also contracted this for the upcoming year

Xports-Logo havoc_tV Xports TV – will be bringing the KTA event reports to mainland China

kitelife Kitelife – the Aussie kite TV series will be hooking up when their next series begins

KITE_SHOW The Kite Show – the new UK online kite TV show will be covering the KTA tour in its next episode

Hopefully it will keep you all going through the long lonely summer months and fire your enthusiasm to pack your bags and join us for the KTA 11/12 Asia Kiteboard Tour – see you there!