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KTA and Woo Sports Partnership

The WOO is about to hit Asia in an exciting new partnership between one of the world’s most progressive kite event tour’s and the world’s latest kite technology!


The KTA and WOO Sports are pleased to announce that they will be working together for the coming Asian winter monsoon kiteboard season to introduce the WOO experience across Asia.

WOO has been taking the kite world by storm over the past season, feeding everyone’s passion to jump high and challenge their competitive streak to see if they have jumped higher than their mates. WOO have achieved this by designing a tracking device that’s mounted to your board, the size of a USB. This records all the rider’s jumps, airtime, and landing G-force which you simply download to your smartphone via Bluetooth after your session.

The clever part is that WOO has created a global online competition world, which means you not only jump and compare against the guy next to you at the beach, but also kiters on the other side of the planet. Once you join the WOO community you can view activity from riders all over the world, stack up on global and local Spot leader-boards, and achieve badges based on your session data.

KTA Founder Neil Godbold says – ‘Working with WOO Sports is going to bring a cool new twist to our KTA freestyle competitions this season. All the riders out here in Asia know about WOO and can’t wait to try it. So by linking with WOO they will get their chance to compete with the device and find out how well they are boosting’.


The KTA plan to integrate the WOO jump height factor into their new Freestyle X format for the coming Asia X-Champs Series. The series which kicks off in Vietnam in February ’16, before moving through to Thailand and China, will also feed it results into the WOO online league tables so that Asian riders become part of the global community and game. At the beach, the KTA also plan to display the results being download as the riders leave the water onto a big screen. Spectators will then be able to directly see the results of the big air action, they are watching in front of them.

Co-Founder and COO at WOO Sports Ytzen Zeilstra – ‘I have been involved in a lot of events (Red Bull King of the Air, Strapless Big Air, Megaloop Challenge) but the new event format from Neil and the KTA crew rocks big time. Riders love it and spectators will feel much more engaged. I’m proud that WOO is an official partner of the Kite Tour Asia and we can help pushing the limits of all riders. Go boost big!’    

You will be able to follow all the WOO action as the season unfolds via the KTA website www.kiteboardtour.asai  and social media pages www.facebook.com/kiteboardtourasia  as the season unfolds or of course try out for yourself at the KTA X-Champs Series as well as the free WOO Kite App for iOS and Android download.

For further information about WOO and to join the game visit www.woosports.com