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KTA Coaching Weekend


With 2010/11 Asian Champion – Yo Narapichit Pudla
Hosted by Gravity Cartel International


This is your chance to cash in on some special pre-season training with the Asia’s number one rider – Yo Narapichit Pudla. Yo will be covering both freestyle and course race training over the weekend to help you improve your skill level whether it’s just to enjoy your time more out on the water or to compete better in the competitions coming up this season.

You must be a competent rider to join the KTA Coaching Weekend who is looking to improve their existing course race skills or increase their freestyle level or of course both.

For all –

  • Preparation and Training
  • Equipment – set up and selection

Race –

  • Board skills – Race board (RB) and Twin Tip (TT)
  • Improving your starts
  • Improving your turns at the marks
  • Line selection and race tactics
  • Personal coaching points and tips for improvement

Freestyle –

  • Hooked and unhooked tricks
  • Improving your current moves
  • Learning a new move
  • Off-water training
  • Your competition plan
  • Impressing the judges

The coaching weekend will consist of a combination of group training inputs, personal coaching, video skills review and open training time to practice new skills. Although you will be there to learn and improve your skill level the weekend is also mean to be fun and a chance to kite and hang out with other riders and friends, so the approach will be informal and flexible to work with the conditions and winds strengths as they present themselves on each day.



25th – 27th November 2011 @ Nanuna Beach Club, Hainan, China


25th – Arrival and introduction evening – chill out round the pool with a beer and meet Yo and the team

26th – Coaching – freestyle and race morning and afternoon Video skills review – early evening
BBQ beach party – evening onwards

27th – Coaching – freestyle and race morning and afternoon
Video skills review – late afternoon
Departures – early evening

Breaks and lunchtimes will be programmed daily based around the conditions and the training.

Location –

Nanuna beach club

Houhai Village

Sanya 572000

Hainan Province


There are two kite beaches in Houhai.

The first is in Houhai bay – 1.5km wide, where the hotel is located. West side of the bay has good waves while north and south is very small. Wind direction is anywhere between E and NE, 12 to 22 kts.

The Second beach in Haitang bay – 16km long, 10mins walk from the hotel. This has same but more consistent wind. South side where the main kiting spot is has very small waves. The west side of the bay, depending of the swell, can have a pretty challenging shore break.

The weather will be mostly dry, sunny or overcast. Temperatures at this time average between 20 to 27 degrees Celsius.


Nanua beach Club Prices

Dormitory room bed with breakfast from 70RMB

Single room with breakfast for 2 people – 220RMB

Deluxe rooms with panoramic sea view up to 580RMB


Please contact Ika for individual rates.



To make the coaching weekend viable to run we need to pre-register at least 10 riders, so as an incentive to get in there early we will discount the coaching course price for the first 10 lucky riders. If the minimum number to run is not reached by the morning of the 21st November the course will be postponed and all registrations made to that point refunded.

Coaching fee – first 10 pre-registered riders 650RMB

Coaching fee – all other pre-registered riders 700RMB

Coaching fee – paid on location 750RMB

To register for your place on the KTA Coaching Weekend click here now !

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