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KTA Course Race Clinic

Olympics, the race rules and Bruno Sroka !!

That is top news topic of the moment in the kiteboard race world. So then lucky thing that the world course race champion Bruno Sroka will be joining us for the Baijin KTA China as the events special guest rider. After weeks of behind the scenes work we are really pleased to be able to finally release the news. So with tickets, visa’s and boards all in place, Bruno is on his way to China.

Cabrinha sponsored rider Bruno will be hosting a free riders course racing clinic in Wenchang the KTA’s host town on Hainan, China’s only true tropical island. Bruno’s clinic that will be covering race strategy and equipment preperation, along with pratical advice on the techiques for upwind and downwind riding,reaching,tacking and the gybing skills used for racing.  All will form the final part of the of a seminar/clinic package put together by the KTA to bring everyone up to speed in Asia with the latest in the kiteboard racing scene. Also in the training package with be all the recent Olympic developments and changes in kiteboard racing requirements that have emanated from the recent Athens ISAF Conference.

The KTA course race clinic will take place on the registration day afternoon (November 25th) with a final start time being announced at the venue on the day. Supporting Bruno for the clinic will be the KTA’s very own head Judge Stephan Hertig to introduce and give a full run down of the international race rules, which for some riders will be a refresher and update on the changes and for others who are competing in the KTA for the first time a total must not miss session. Then for the latest on the very hot topic of kiteboarding and the Olympics, the International Kiteboarding Associations (IKA) Markus Schwendtner the driving force behind the sports bid for the 2016 Games will give the ‘hot off the press’ news and views on the current situation and what the future holds.

So really for all you course racers out there this major opportunity to get right at the cutting edge of your sport, so don’t miss this one, get there early, get your registration over and done and soak up the knowledge.