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The second round of the KTA 2010-11 Asia Tour is fast approaching with just over two weeks to go now. The event will be taking place this time at a new location for the KTA on the beautiful tropical Chinese island of Hainan. Sponsored by the Baijin Holiday hotel the Baijin KTA China tour stop will be taking place from the 25 – 29 November 2010.

We are all very excited about the China tour stop as to date we have seen near 60 riders already pre-register for the event our biggest pre event entry, so we are fully anticipating a final competition field of up to 80 riders from more than 12 countries to be taking part.

We are also very pleased to be able to announce that SPLOCS the recently founded sporting locations community has come on board for this seasons tour to support a new event that will be happening on a rolling basis throughout the next five round of the KTA with a final ‘graduation’ taking place in Korea – the KTA Old Skool Project is born!

For those of you not familiar with the concept of an Old Skool competition it is one where riders aim for big air jumps, board off maneuvers and muti-rotational tricks a right old crowd pleaser really. So given the conditions and the time you will have the chance to see our riders ‘going large’ and having some old style competition fun, if you have never seen it before you will love so come along to watch and if you are rider who has never turn your hand at Old Skool before well now’s your chance, so don’t be shy you might just be good at it!

Plus as added incentive SPLOCS will be sponsoring a first place cash prize (men and women) whenever the top old skool event is run along with the overall champions trophies that will be awarded in the final round of the KTA.

All the main events will of course also be in action at the Baijin KTA China with the IKA/ISAF world ranking events in freestyle and course racing, along with the newly introduced TT race class for all you riders still favoring your twin tip boards over the new race machines. The TT class has also just gained full IKA recognition as an official course racing sub-class so now there is even more reason to get involved and give the sport a try.

So the Baijin KTA China is promising to be a packed week of action and one not to miss, so see you on the beach in China.

And for those of you wanting to compete or just wanting to know more about how old skool works then click here to see the rules