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Olympic Trials & Looking Ahead to 2018

It’s fair to say that 2017 did not quite roll out as we all expected at the KTA.

What began as a season of high expectation and a heavy looking calendar of events, took a bit of a knock as the season progressed. However, the good news is that it looks like most of those postponed 2017 events will be back for 2018, along with hopefully a range of new events and even a Youth Olympic Qualifier for good measure.

As part of this planned ‘new look’ 2018 the KTA has also taken a look at things operationally. To this ends, co-founder Willy Kerr is back from running the Thailand Kite Cable project to head up event operations and aims to bring back the more KTA focused style of kiteboard competitions, as well as introduce some new sports into the KTA operation.

Big on the list though for the KTA in 2018 will be the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Asian qualifier, scheduled to take place in Thailand in March. This will be both the Asian and Oceania qualification round for YOG which takes place in Argentina in October 2018. The KTA will be coordinating the qualifier with local hosts, the Kitesurf Association of Thailand and the IKA.

Meanwhile fellow KTA co-founder Neil Godbold has taken a side-step to focus on developing a new arm to the KTA package – KTA Media.

The KTA has always driven its own in-house media production from day one, but this year with the success of its first full kite/travel TV documentary Taken by the Wind, the team has grown into an independent media unit. It’s still early days for the crew, but 2017 has already seen the team branching out to work on new media projects such as winter sports, surf, product adverts and environmental shows as well as being invited to enter its work in the Monaco SPORTEL Awards.   

KTA Media hopes to see its operation expanding further into the field of action sports, travel, lifestyle and culture in 2018 and kicks off the year with the airing of the first of its TV Kite Olympic documentaries, The Long Road to Tokyo, with the Outdoor Channel in February. Further distribution is to follow via other international broadcast partners taking the show global and hopefully into a full series.