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Schedule Update – Taiwan & Sri Lanka


Unfortunately we regret to have to announce that once again thing are not going quite as we have planned and worked for this season due to things beyond our control.

The planned tour stop for Taiwan has been postponed and will now not take place in April as hoped. We have been unable to fully confirm with Taiwan after many months of negotiations to include them in this seasons Asia Tour and in the past week have been informed that they cannot go ahead with the April competition programme. It is a disappointing loss to this season’s tour, but we hope that in the future the KTA can bring an event to what is perhaps the windiest country in Asia. Some discussion has already begun regarding this in terms of a potential summer event, so stay tuned.

We unfortunately also have to take a decision regarding Sri Lanka for this season. Following all the positive negotiations with sponsor’s communication has since come to a full stop and after many efforts to gain conformation for the planned event we are having to admit defeat. We know though it is very early days for the development of the sport in Sri Lanka and look forward very much to an event taking place there in the future, we are all sure it will come about.

So where does that leave us for this season now?

Well essentially not too much changes in terms of the overall titles as it was already decided that the Asian Freestyle Champions would be based on the first three events of the season to give more riders the opportunity to be at all scoring events by counting less of them, which hopefully will give more Asian riders a chance at the top positions – these titles will be awarded at the KTA Thailand. Thailand this season is also the location for the Asian Course Race Championships, which as a one-off championship event will bring the KTA into line with everyone else.

This leaves just the KTA Open Tour titles to award – these being the KTA Tour Freestyle Champions and the KTA Tour Course Race Champions both RB and TT.