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SUP Racing Confirmed for KTA X-Champs

Ever since the exciting impact of the SUP Racing at Myanmar Surf Rider Cup last year, the KTA has been working towards introducing this cool new watersport into its X-Champ series.

Paddling Hard

Paddling Hard

Well we are very pleased to announce that this aim is now a full blown reality. SUP racing will now be a feature of all KTA X-Champs events courtesy of our new sponsor for this aspect of the X-Champs – Starboard.


So, very big thank you and welcome to the KTA scene to Svein and his team at Starboard, great to have your support guys. Starboard will be making the SUP Racing possible by supplying us with the race boards for each event, along with a very cool prize package for the top 3 men and women SUP Races in each round.

To give you’re a flavour of what the winners will be walking away with check the link of the very cool Astro Racer, which is what is up for grabs for the top guy and girl.  


The KTA X-Champs SUP Racing will be based on the same format that was used during the Myanmar event, fast short-course racing, with the running beach start and finish. This will keep the action and the fun up close and personal to the beach front and the cheering crowds, so be sure to bring all your friends and family to cheer you along.


The SUP Racing will be open to everyone who can SUP, no matter your level, you will not need to be part of the kiteboard side of things to take part. Kiter’s of course though are also encouraged to take part in the SUP Racing, which we think in most locations will take place in first half of the morning each day. So a nice wee warm up before your kite competitions take place.

The SUP Racing will be a one-design board class, with all equipment supplied. Racing will be based on short-course tracks, with the final course layouts and lengths being decided by the SUP Race Officer and KTA Competition Director to meet local venue conditions. 

So come and join us at Ninh Chu Bay in Vietnam for the first round of the KTA X-Champs powered by Cloudstringers. Now there is even more chance to be a part of the fun and atmosphere that makes a KTA event something not to be missed.