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Turkey prize purse


7800 & Audi A1 KTA Turkey – 10,000 USD PRIZE PURSE

So its really is back the KTA Asia tour hits the road again for its 2nd season with its first round of its series to take place in the first part of Asia which is as you all know ‘Turkey’.  As Wikipedia, the font of all knowledge these days tells us – Turkey is a Eurasian country that stretches across the Anatolian peninsula in western Asia and the Balkan region of southeastern Europe.

So there you have it the official link between East and West.

The 7800 & Audi A1 KTA Turkey will be taking place in Cesme from the 22 – 26 September 2010. The tour launches with a fantastic kickstart for the riders with a US 10,000 cash prize purse on offer between the top male and female riders in freestyle and course racing. This might not be something that KTA will be able to maintain throughout the tour so make the most of this awesome opportunity that comes countesy of the first tour stops co-title sponsors 7800 the location resort sponsor and event host, with Audi A1. Further additions to the prize package in the form or equipment and other goodies from the KTA tour sponsors will complete what promisies to be a very nice haul for the opening round – so a big thank you to all the KTA Turkey’s title, tour and support sponsors on behalf of both the KTA and the riders.

Prize Purse Breakdown

It’s an amazing start to the second KTA Asia Tour season thanks to our co-title sponsors in Turkey 7800 and Audi A1. They have put up an opening cash prize purse of more than US$ 10,000 and this is how it breaks down for each of the competition events we intend to run.

Men Women
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Race 2000 400 200 1000 200 100
Freestyle 2000 400 200 1000 200 100
Twin Tip (Race) 500 200 100 500 200 100
Big Air Old School 500 500
*all prizes in USD$

Further US$ 10,000 worth of equipment prizes will also be part of the event package courtesy of our tour sponsors Cabrinha Kites and Maelstrom.

As we saw from our first year of running the course racing, riders using race boards had a big effect on the racing and offered great advantages to the riders using them, so to keep the doors open to all those riders who would like to try out racing, the KTA will have both race board and twin-tip classes. Both classes will race together with the overall race finishing postions counting for the world ranking points, but for the KTA both the first three race board and twin-tips will be recognised and awarded for their efforts.

Freestyle and Course racing will again be the world ranking events under the IKA/ISAF sanction at continental tour level. Under this sanction the KTA also will award the Asian Championship for Asian born riders alongside its own KTA Tour Champions which is open to all nationalities.

We are also considering an Old School Big Air series by popular request and reaction whenever it happen last year – more on that to come if it comes together, but for all you hooked in specialists this could be the season for you.

So lots coming up its what looks like a very exciting season, so see you at the KTA!

The full KTA 10/11 Asian Tour is just being finely tuned before full details are released for each of the countries. But the tour will be travelling as follows –

ROUND 1 Cesme – Turkey Sep 2010
ROUND 2 Hainan – China Nov 2010
ROUND 3 Mui Ne – Vietnam Jan 2010
ROUND 4 Pranburi -Thailand Feb 2010
ROUND 5 Boracay – Philippines Mar 2011
ROUND 6 Busan – Korea Apr 2011