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Turkey story so far

7800 Cesme & Audi A1 KTA Turkey – The Story so Far

Following our successful first season its great to be back in action again and amazing to be kicking off with such a great opening competition. The opening event of the 2010/11 KTA Asia Tour has hit the ground running, located at the stunning beach in the 7800 Hotel and Residences in Cesme it has more than lived up to expectations. Supported by Audi, 7800 has given the riders a unique experience of Turkish hospitality along with the biggest cash prize purse the KTA has been able to offer to date, US$10,000

On top of this, there is also great support from the industry with title brand sponsor Cabrinha supplying a further US$10,000 worth of equipment as incentive for the winning riders.


Day one started proceedings with a cracking killer Kiteloop competition, grabbing the attention of the beach crowds at a venue that has not seen kiteboarding action before on its shores. Taking the honours from these opening battles were Merve Ceyan representing Turkey for the women and Robin Snuggs from the UK winning it for the men.

Following on from the Kiteloop competition, the women’s freestyle took to the water with some kicking heats showing great style and power from the riders as they fought their way through the single eliminator to a closely fought final between the UK’s Hannah Whitely and the KTA’s current tour champion Germany’s Kathrin Borgwardt. In the end it was to be Hannah winning first place after a two to one decision from the judges.

The next day was the turn of the guys, who in variable wind conditions put out some very high quality performances, making the most of the conditions as they moved through their single eliminator. It was good to see some great riding from many of the local riders giving some of the sponsored riders a tough time getting by them. Local rider and recently crowned Turkish Champion Tanner Aykurt, showed he was still very much on form as he moved steadily through to the finals to meet one of the events pro-riders Mallory de la Villamarque. Although the wind did at this point turn a little light, the two riders pulled out all the stops with Mallory taking the final position.

Even though the single eliminators are complete there is still another chance for the freestyle riders if the double eliminator takes place. The singles done, the event then moved over into course racing which this year includes both race board and TT race classes. Two races were to take place on the second day, with a further four on the third. The first two races enjoyed the same cross onshore winds as the freestyle riders, but today, the third day, was a completely different challenge with the winds turning offshore, making leaving and returning to the beach every bit a challenge as the racing itself. All in all some cracking races have taken places with some very close line finishes at times and as it stands Kathrin Borgwardt and Tanner Aykurt are out in front in the race board division. For the TT class its Secer Ince and Maria Simila.

With one more day to go of the opening event of the KTA Asia Tour everything is still very much to play for in what looks to be a challenging outing, whether its course racing or freestyle. As a result of all this, there is one thing that is certain, there will not be an unhappy face to be found at the beach and certainly none at the KTA closing party and we all know how those can pan out!