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Underground & KTA Hainan Training Weekend

Yep that’s right Underground Boards and the Gravity Cartel have joined forces to bring you a great opportunity to test out the latest boards in the Underground range. There will be both race boards and twin-tips laid out and ready for you to slide your feet into throughout the KTA Coaching weekend with Asian Champ Yo Narapichit Pudla.

It’s a fantastic opportunity if you have not tried a race board before because not only will you have the race board’s to try, but also the coaching on how to use it properly and get the most out of them.

But there is more still, not one bit of good news but two !!

The KTA Coaching Weekend has received some extra support which we would like to pass along to you the riders so it means we are able to drop the course price for everyone to just RMB500 for the weekend whether you register in advance or pay on the day. All riders who are registered already will receive a refund on the balance they have paid, now that we have this extra support.

So lots of good reasons to see you at the Nanuna Beach Club Hainan 26/27 November 2010 for the KTA Coaching Weekend and Underground Board Test

For more information http://www.kiteboardtour.asia/news/kta-coaching-weekend/