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Onwards to ADEX

It’s been just shy of a fortnight since we cleared ourselves off of the beach in Pranburi, Thailand, where we completed the first event on the 2017 KTA calendar. It was a week of firsts for many, with new race formats (pegged for the Youth Olympics in 2018), new faces both on the water and on the beach, and what you may not know about- a new and improved KTA company structure.

While you folks were all polishing off your new tricks and training for the KTA season, a lot has been going on behind the scenes. 2016 was a monumental year for the KTA, perhaps not in terms of actual competition but more in relation to the core of the tour itself. After a big sponsorship let down last season, the KTA found itself in a more than difficult position with the future of the tour on the line. It was time to do something drastic to change course, that was the decision from the team. That was the point that the KTA decided to split into two armies: KTA Events and KTA Media.


The concept was simple. KTA have always produced good quality media coverage for their own gigs, so why not expand? Since then, the media team have been hell for leather chasing down stories from all over Asia, across a myriad of sports and new ideas. We’ve covered the story of Vietnam’s first ever snowboarding team and their debut at the Asian Winter Games, we’ve collaborated with world class drone pilots to bring you coverage of sunrise surf competitions, we were even asked to submit our work for the Sportel Awards in Monaco to be judged against the likes of Mars and Evian (ok so we didn’t win this time, but once we get that $3 million budget it’s a sure thing!).


So while we will still be there at every KTA event to bring you event coverage and daily reports, we will also be branching out much further than before, and seeking to expand our horizons as a media team and production unit. The more outlandish the better!


In keeping with our goal to try something new, the KTA Media team will be jetting over to Singapore next week for the Asian Dive Expo (ADEX). Traditionally a dive expo, this will be the first time ADEX has diversified into this side of the world of water sports. This year’s conference will include speakers, stalls and demos from a huge range of industries- kiteboarding included. Our side of things is to bring our KTA style into the mix by covering the event, bringing you interviews with all the top dogs, and dishing out the inside scoop on the best of the new technology and ideas that we expect to see over the course of the weekend.

For more information on ADEX 2017 visit http://www.adex.asia/about/adex-singapore-2017