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Open sesame

I spent most of last night with 2 Chinese men… Translating and rehearsing 2 hours worth of speeches from every type of Chinese official you could think of for todays opening ceremony. It really was just as exciting as it sounds.

So this event is a huge deal for not only us as kiters and our industry, but also for the island of Hainan and China on the whole. There was a massive turn out at the opening ceremony of officials from the area, and also many people from the Chinese Government. Not to mention the army!

A few people got the very hard task of having to go kitesurfing during this mornings ceremony, and a perfect 25knots made it all the worse.

As some here are not as experienced as others, 4 ‘practise races’ this afternoon proved invaluable. Not only for riders but also for some of the crew coming from various different organisations. And no doubt now this team will now be as slick as they come, and races some of the best!