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Whilst most sporting competitions seem to focus and favour the men in all types of media produced, here on the KTA, and indeed at the IKA world championships, we like to keep things equal.

Our Women’s fleet this year for the World Championships stands at 28. last year was over 40. So even though a substantial drop from last years event, we still see a massive increase in competitive female racers compared to a few years ago and even that in freestyle.

Erika Heiniken is finishing no more than 2 minutes slower than the fastest male, who is finishing a minute faster than the rest of the male fleet. And Erika is a minute and a half faster than the rest of the Women’s fleet. So where does that make Erika? Pretty much at the top of the mens fleet.

And Erika is not the only one, Steph Bridge from the UK and young Elena Kalanina from Russia are at the front of the pack of the rest of our Women.

One of the most exciting things, a vast majority of these girls have only just come into kiting and racing. A year, maybe 2 on a race board max, and they are already ripping. We can only begin to imagine the progress of these girls over the next few years. And with the possibility of the 2020 Olympics we have only just scratched the surface of Women’s racing.