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Race day 1 fun done

Being the first day of competition, most the crew went out last night. Sensible or not I wont know, but myself and Paul had a somewhat difficult 7am start. We made our way to the riders hotel for a bit of race day filming at brekkie (or rather the coco pops and satsumas!) and everyone doing the daily commute on the bus to the competition site. For sure a LOT quieter than most days, nerves were showing!!

The male riders were split into 3 fleets which each completed 4 races, whilst the girls had 3 races all in together.

A few exciting moments of crashes and tumbles on the start line, twice this happened and each time involved over 5 kites! not so great for the riders, but great for the spectators and riders waiting  for their own race.

Monsoon rain was the perfect home time indicator, and even though the last mens race was completed in 100meter visibility, everyone had a great day and I think nerves definitely less than the morning!

For now we wait out until the jury has finished sifting through all the protests and hearings. A kitesurf Jury?! apparently so…