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KTA Traveler is Launched

Travel has always been a key element of life for kiters and the sport of kiteboarding from the word go. Now there is a new…Read More

KTA Kite Cable Thailand

Thunder, lightning and monsoon rain !! Seems the weather is letting us know that the seasons are about to change and the summer is looming.…Read More

Big Finale for the KTA Kite Kids

KTA Kite kids Boracay hosted power kiting for tribal people, freestyle coaching and race clinic training for the champions of the next generation. This in…Read More

Sun, rain and strong Winds for the final day

Winners crowned in freestyle, Formula kite and Twin Tip racing at close of Boracay event graced by strong winds Bulabog Beach – The Netherlands’ Dylan…Read More

Wind kicks in for a kicking end to the Freestyle singles

Freestyle winners anointed at the end of single elimination contest on day three of KTA Philippines Bulabog Beach – The leading freestyle riders on the…Read More

Freestyle hits the water at the Boracay Extreme

 Freestylers go big on day two of KTA Philippines before dropping breeze lets course board racers on the track Bulabog Beach – Freestyle riders got…Read More

Race, Race, Race on day 1 of the KTA Philippines

Formula kite and Twin Tip racers kick off action on day one KTA season finale on Boracay Bulabog Beach – An international roster of leading…Read More

KTA Philippines Boracay Extreme is Underway

Freestlye kiters, Formula,and Twin Tip racers warm up on first day of KTA Philippines, back for fifth successive season Bulabog Beach, Boracay – The Kiteboard Tour…Read More

Boracay Scores Final Round

Its official the KTA Philippines Boracay Extreme has become the final tour round for the 13/14 KTA season. Unfortunately political unrest over in Bangkok for…Read More

Final Day of the KTA Indonesia

Winners in freestyle, Formula kite and Twin-Tip race classes crowned on final day of KTA Indonesia at Bintan Trikora Beach Km52, Bintan – The Twin-Tip…Read More

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