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Katja Roose Calls For New Riders Association

At the Formula Kite Race World Championships in Istanbul ,Katja Roose used the skippers meeting in the morning to suggest to the riders that a new association of riders…Read More

25 Craft Registered for Roof of the World

ROTW organisers etc4AC announced today that 25 craft have now registered to take part in the world record breaking high altitude sailing regatta next month…Read More

Airstyle Hangout Planned for Egypt

Karim Shawky demonstrating Egyptian pride and its invitation to the world during event in St. Peter-Ording, Germany, meeting with kitesurfstar Toby Braeuer. Shawky and Braeuer…Read More

Roof of the World Regatta Tajikistan

Kiteboarding is an ever changing sport as those involved well know and with that in mind the KTA is adding new dimensions to the coming…Read More

They are talking about the KTA in Brazil

KTA Women's Freestyle Champion Estefania Rosa is getting great coverage from some of the coolest magazines in Brazil putting the KTA on the map across…Read More

KTA Top Junior Rider Christian Tio becomes Junior World Number 2

The PKRA Junior Freestyle World Championships have just concluded congrats to all the junior rider’s awesome riding you are all a credit to kiteboarding. It…Read More

KTA TT Race Story Features in Latest Edition of Kiteworld

Kiteworld Magazine is the world’s most widely read kiteboard magazine, making it the industry leader and go to news point. Hot on the heels of…Read More

Sports Features Olympic Media Features KTA Traveler

 Sports Features one of the world’s top online sports and Olympic news syndication sites has featured the launch of the newest KTA project the KTA…Read More

KTA to Support the Roof of the World Regatta

That’s right the KTA is heading for central Asia to join and support a very unique event in Tajikistan. More to come on this very…Read More

The bright and dark sides of Kite Foilboarding

Foilboarding is conquering new enthusiasts. Some say it's the fastest growing class in kiteboarding, some say it's hasn't future. So, what's good and bad in…Read More

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