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SUP Racing Confirmed for KTA X-Champs

Ever since the exciting impact of the SUP Racing at Myanmar Surf Rider Cup last year, the KTA has been working towards introducing this cool…Read More

KTA and Woo Sports Partnership

The WOO is about to hit Asia in an exciting new partnership between one of the world’s most progressive kite event tour’s and the world’s…Read More

KTA Asian X-Champs powered by Cloudstringers

The KTA 15/16 Asian winter monsoon competition season is already well underway, but as we head towards the end of 2015 and into the New…Read More

Final Words – Myanmar Wave Rider Cup

So finally it was here. A new season, a new country and a whole new start for the KTA as we headed to off to…Read More

Roof of the World Regatta #6

On day 3 of the 'Roof of the World' Regatta our plans all came together and we held shore-side activities with the local community alongside…Read More

Roof of the World Regatta #5

The latest update from the ROTW crew and they and sounding happy. The wind has arrived and the show is underway. Photo's of the action…Read More

Roof of the World Regatta #4

First post in from Polly - update from Khorog, Tajikistan We are day four into our journey along the Pamir Highway (the second highest road…Read More

Roof of the World Regatta #3

1000Km of dirt tracks and 4655m of altitude is what is required on the journey to the ‘Roof of the World’ Regatta. In its second…Read More

Roof of the World Regatta #2

ROTW takes place in one of the most unique kiting locations you will encounter - Karakul (“Black Lake”) is a 52 km circumference lake in…Read More

Roof of the World Regatta #1

 ‘Sailing with Altitude’ is this year’s slogan and it just has to be one of the most unique and exiting events that the KTA has…Read More

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