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World’s Fastest KiteFoilers Poised for Action in GoldCup’s first East Asian Outing

Daecheon Beach, Boryeong—Reigning KiteFoil GoldCup title holder Maxime Nocher has been putting the final touches to his campaign to defend his crown in the season’s…Read More

IKA KiteFoil Gold Cup and KTA TTR Open

It’s an exciting time for the world of kiteboarding right now, as it has become part of the 2018 Youth Olympics (YOG) for the first…Read More

ADEX 2017 – the dive show with added surf!

Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore, an unlikely place to find the KTA, but for once we had swapped out the flip flops and boardshorts, brushed the…Read More

Moose IKA TTR Asian Championships

Moose IKA Asian TTR Championships and KTA Freestyle XThe 2017 KTA season is officially underway, as marked by the completion of the first event on…Read More

KTA 2017 Season Schedule Release

The flood gates are open and revealing a very sexy looking 2017 KTA season ahead. Our aim for 2017 has been to have something in the…Read More

KTA Season Alert

It's 2017 and we are back!The KTA is getting ready to roll out a whole heap of great events for the coming year...2016 as you…Read More

KTA X-Champs Final Cut

Report by Grace AustinLast time I checked there were months left to go until the KTA clan would be back together again. Then the months…Read More

KTA X-Champs Vietnam Halfway

We are halfway through the competition here at the KTA X-Champs in the stunning Ninh Chu Bay, hosted by the Ninh Chu Bay Beach Club.…Read More

SUP Racing Confirmed for KTA X-Champs

Ever since the exciting impact of the SUP Racing at Myanmar Surf Rider Cup last year, the KTA has been working towards introducing this cool…Read More

KTA and Woo Sports Partnership

The WOO is about to hit Asia in an exciting new partnership between one of the world’s most progressive kite event tour’s and the world’s…Read More

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