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Ride for your dinner

Or perhaps your room?!

With freestyle doubles finished the day before, today we filled some time with an expression session for all our freestylers. And up for grabs was the actually pretty incredible prize of having your hotel bill paid for for the entire competition week. So actually yes, these guys were now infact riding for their dinner!

The wind today defiantly took a turn for the worse and ended up being a lot more on the lighter end of the scale. But hand in hand with this was a lesser swell with much flatter water. First up the girls, and maybe not the best for most of them, but Kelly just blew us all away. Coming second in the main event in itself was amazing, but the tricks she pulled out today were just a step ahead. Not to be out done, room mate Dylan with his double dangles, unhooked foot outs and jesus walks clinched it for the men. David was really going for it, but perhaps a little too much! After landing on his head on the same trick I don’t know how many times, all you could hear were war crys of frustration! Of course matched by Estifania on the beach, perhaps its a Brazilian thing?!

Racing kept us busy for the rest of the day, with numerous laps around the course. I dread to think how many circles these guys will have done by the end of the week.

For me personally the best part of the day was dinner, and with it being a free night, most headed around 500meters up the road to the best fish restaurant known to man. Well, perhaps not, but for me it is certainly the best. The freshest and most simple combinations of the daily catch at a price that means you eat more than your fill of crab and lobster! Gutted for those who don’t like sea food; rice and chicken again for you!