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The serious side of Kitesurfing

The past 2 days have been the main arrival days of competitors taking advantage of the free board from the King Bay Hotel who are hosting us for the event. Pretty much every nationality it seems has a representative, and these country ‘teams’ are very much that. Eating, drinking and training exclusively together, it is very different to the usual atmosphere of everyone being best friends you find at the freestyle events; these racers are definitely the more serious side of kitesurfing!

Being based in China it is really great to see so many more Asian riders milling about than you would normally see at a World Championship event. Team Thailand all have snazzy team jackets on the go and can always be found with the Filipinos by the laughter and noise coming from whichever area they have based themselves at!

This weekend is the regular Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) activity of the Kite Kids. This is a great couple of days where some local school children learn to fly kites with some of the pro riders, and 4 children have been chosen to spend 2 weekends actually learning to kite surf! This morning myself and judge Robin Snuggs taught the 4 of them to get dragged through the water using the power of a real sized kite surf kit! They all did really well whilst the first 10 of 40 kids were learning to fly the power kites on the beach.