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Trials and miles

In todays society it seems everything we do must have a superlative in front of it. The biggest, the best, the fastest, the highest. In Kitesurfing this is no different. Of course this is why we have competition, it is in our nature to compete against one another and find who really is the best in any given thing. The KTA follows this trend by producing competitions for kitesurfers from all over the world.

Most kiters nowadays will chose 1 discipline within our sport and focus completely, until to be honest, they get burnt out. This seems to be happening more and more. But really, why is this happening? Kitesurfing is so massively varied, and calls for such a range of conditions there is no real reason why one should get fed up of the sport and find they can no longer participate. At competitions you will see riders not only compete but also socialise in their discipline sector. Different language is used, and to be honest you could be looking at people from completely different sports rather than disciplines within one sport.

The answer? Downwinders. And a downwinder here in Indonesia could not be more perfect. There is no other way in which you can have 1 session and encompass racing, wave riding, freestyle and big air. And please try and find me one person who does not enjoy using kitesurfing as a mode of transport!

A group of 9 riders, aged 18-56, comprising of waveriders, freestylers, twin tip racers, formula racers and crew joined in perhaps one of the best downwind routes we will ever discover. World class reef breaks coupled with butter flat lagoons stretch almost the entire coast of this island, and I’m sure others within Indonesia. We rode a mere 15km and every single rider was in their element, with absolutely no competition involved.

This is not to say competition is irrelevant to the enjoyment of our sport, in fact quite the opposite. we need people to continuously push and progress. But I think sometimes we need to realise we are all kite surfers and actually the core of our sport is all the elements, no one sector is more important than the other, and when you combine them all perhaps you then get the most enjoyment of all.