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Someone stole my sun lounger

We have landed in Phuket!

And for me, luckily, my view of this island is completely different. I had been imagining some crazy party island with zero wind and fat sunburnt tourists everywhere. But when we woke tuesday morning in definitely the best hotel I shall ever stay in, my ideas were completely flip turned.

Beautiful white sandy beaches, islands everywhere, coconuts, palms and the smell of incredible food. And the best thing, no one drinking buckets of Sang Som at midday whilst wearing fisherman pants and talking about the other countries they have ‘done’ on their gap yaaah.

In the past 2 days we have explored half the island on bikes, been to markets selling E V E R Y T H I N G, swam on a deserted island, had BBQs, eaten Som Tam, lazed in hammocks and been on boat trips. Phew! Its been such a great way back into the Thai way of life… Almost don’t want work to begin tomorrow, almost.

We have had heaps of filming to do and loads of things to build at our host location of Kitezone kite school, so everyone has pitched in and helped get things done in record (KTA) time!

Tomorrow is registration day, where with no pre registration, we will have our first idea of what the tour will be like this year. For the racing side at least. I can’t wait!