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Upside Inside Outside World

Where ever you are in the world right now, stop and have a think about what the weather is doing.

I know I know, I’m British and ALL we talk about is the weather, but it is fascinating! And this year more than ever I think everyone is more aware of the weather around them, and the world.

Right now, the UK is being battered by storms (Red Bull Storm Chase, in Kernow?!). And I’m sat here in supposedly windy hot Philippines with a jumper on and a pitiful 5 knots of wind.

A few years ago I was in Western Australia, famous for its daily 25knot sea breeze. We had a daily average of about 2-5! There were the odd days of wind, but no where to the normal average. This was caused by a phenomena called ‘El Niño’. Basically speaking it is the warming of water in the Pacific region.  For us in Western Australia, this added warmth to the water meant there was less of a difference in temperature to that of the land, thus less sea breeze.

But actually, this is not what is going on right now. And to be honest, I don’t think anyone has a clue what is going on.

For us as kite surfers we used to be able to pick a time to go on holiday and there would be a few set destinations you knew if you went, you would have a great time kitesurfing. But now? not so much. In fact I don’t actually think you can be guaranteed with wind. If anything, it seems the ‘staycation’ is more profitable in terms of time on the water!

But back to the craziness. Everyone has their own theories and ideas. For me? I think Lovelocks ‘Gaia’ hypothesis holds the answer.

Don’t know what it is? Google it, it will blow your socks off I’m sure.

(If that’s all a bit too hippy for you, click here for some impressive computer graphics http://earth.nullschool.net )