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A whole new world

Our 6:30am breakfast was infact a blessing in disguise. Always we love to watch sunsets, but rarely do we make that small effort to watch what is maybe even more beautiful; a sunrise. And being based at the Vijitt Hotel which overlooks Coh Lon island to the east ensured we had a cracker in which to eat our baked beans and brie in front of.

Of course the more important aspect of the day was the racing! Starting with around 14 knots then dropping to less than 8 sorted out those who were here to compete seriously with those who were here to give it a go. But that is one of the beauties of the KTA, there is a huge emphasis on everyone competing, not just to win, but for fun also.

Today was the first time Twin Tips (TT) have raced at an international event since being recognised as a class by ISAF. So ALL of our riders racing this week have a world ranking! Pretty exciting for a few of our racers who have been kiting less than a year!

What was most exciting in the Twin Tip class was at one point not only was someone beating our king of speed, Yo, but it was Lisa! Our smallest competitor equipped only with an older 11m kite. She managed to be in the lead almost the entire way round the course until she was just pipped to the finish in the last straight. Yo of course had his own way of talking about this race (!!) but it was very exciting to have this new talent in racing right on our doorstep! I think we will see a lot more of Lisa in the future.

Tonight we have another of Kitezone’s legendary BBQs with the wonderful Bua as head chef, I am currently lathering myself in 100% Deet to take advantage of the wonderful food for as long as possible!